The Vanity Tutorials: The Natural Smokey Eye

Oddly enough as a makeup artist, I don’t wear much makeup myself. You have to understand, I was wearing a full face of makeup; foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and lashes by the time I was in middle school.  I don’t like makeup that looks “done”. My style is soft and ethereal; natural and pretty. After working so many years in the industry, your priorities change from doing your makeup daily to trying to get your skin healthy enough so you don’t have to wear makeup. Oh the parallel…

So that is always my priority. I NEVER wear a foundation heavier than a tinted moisturizer (that’s a lie, I’ll occasionally wear airbrush makeup from Dinair). But that’s just me! I have insanely break-out prone skin and can’t risk, even for a night out, having my skin go nuts on me again.

I DO however LOVE me some eyeshadow. Eyes are the best part of doing makeup, and it makes me even happier if I can do something really pretty in less than 5 minutes. I feel like smokey eyes are better when they don’t look over-done; like you spent an hour doing it. My favorite type of sexy smoke is effortless and barely there, but it makes your eyes stand out in a big way!

I list all colors and products I like to use, but feel free to experiment with your personal favorites!

1. Start by applying a smooth, soft pencil in a peachy-brown color all over the upper and lower lid. Line tight to your lashes all the way up to your crease line; where you start to feel your eye socket, then stop. For this step, I used a Cosmetic Colour Pencil in “Pennyroyal” by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

2. Next, using a short, fluffy, oval shadow brush, press a highly pigmented eyeshadow into the area where pencil was applied (both upper and lower lid!). I prefer using a loose pigment shadow for this step, because I feel like it grabs hold of the liner better. For this step I used a pink-mauve Mineral Eyeshadow in “Hustle” (one of my absolute faves!) from Concrete Minerals.

3. For this step, it is IMPERATIVE that you have a good tapered blending brush! I recommend these: MAC #224, MAC #286. Once you have your blending brush, place the tip of the fibers at the outer corner of your eye: where you feel your bone meet your eyeball. Slowly start to swirl the brush, moving inward toward your tear-duct, rocking it back and forth gently into your crease. Really pay attention to your own bone structure here. This step should blend the shadow and eyeliner together for a pretty muted mauve smokey look.

4. Next, it’s important to smooth out and compliment the smokey shadow by lightening up your hi-light points. Patting a shimmering peachy vanilla eyeshadow into the tear-duct will always wake up the face! I used Mineral Eyeshadow in “Rocked” by Concrete Minerals.5. Fifth and final step: hi-light your brow bone with a soft yellow concealer. This will brighten your face and draw light to it. Make sure it blends into the eyeshadow; NEVER stop abruptly from color to color. I used a Prep + Prime CC Highlighter by MAC Cosmetics.

Now curl your eyelashes, throw on some mascara, lightly fill in your brows, slick on your favorite lip color and hit it!


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Posted on: January 24, 2015, by : Noel

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