The Vanity Tutorials: The Textured Casual/Formal Up-do

About 3 weeks ago, I chopped off my longer hair (thank you, Sandra Stockton of Stockton Hair Artists!) and it feels SO refreshing and light! Sure, I slightly miss having the length to do more in-depth styles like this one, but of course it will eventually grow back. It’s just hair! Play with it. Have fun!

Up-do’s have always been my thing. In fact, I went through a period where I was so sick of my long hair touching my neck that I wore it stacked up on my head like Marie Antoinette all summer. Like, every. day. And I loved it. But for anyone that is from New Mexico or currently residing in Albuquerque, you know that if ever your hair or makeup looks different/cool you basically get stared at like you have 5 arms sprouting out of your head.

I digress…

This one is easy too. It takes 5-10 minutes tops and you can easily wear it to work and then out to dinner and drinks; and it’s appropriate for both without being too fancy or looking overly-done.

1. Start by getting your hair niiiice and dirty, if it isn’t already. I absolutely ADORE this PowderFix Instant Volume Texture by ColorProof! It’s the best. You only need a tiny little shake and your hair goes POOF!
2. My hair naturally has a deep side-part, but this will work with any parting. GO!3. Once you’ve decided on a part, begin to twist the hair starting at the very top of your hairline and working your way down toward the ear. Gather hair as you twist, similar to a french braid, without the braid part.Gather and twist under, pinning the outer edges every now and then to secure your twist.Keep twisting, until you meet the top of your ear, then pin again to secure.4. Repeat step 3 on the other side.5. Now that you have your twists secure, tease from the ends of the hair up toward the ears, creating LOTS of fluffy volume.Like I said: fluffy volume! Now spray those fluffs with your favorite hairspray. 6. Now, section the remaining parts of your hair into two sections like you’re going to make pigtails. Exercising your twisting abilities again; twist the entire section (that has previously been teased) loosely, beginning to create a loop. 7. Secure your twisted loop with Bobbi pins, securing it in several different places around the outer edges, which will start to create texture.See! I told you…TEXTURE! Keep pinning to secure.8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 on the other side.And, viola! Cute, easy, textured casual, formal up-do. WOW! Lots of adjectives. 

Please feel free to post a comment with questions or contact me directly!

Posted on: February 24, 2015, by : Noel

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