The Vanity Tutorials: The 5 Minute Messy Up-do

When I was in high school, I desperately wanted to be popular. I wanted people to like me, and people to think I was cool. Most young adults spend their teen years delving into experimentation each weekend, picking their poison every time Friday night rolls around. The truth was I enjoyed staying home on Friday and Saturday nights with my parents, (they were WAY cooler than anyone my age), and spending hours laughing and feeling inspired. We watched Trading Spaces, Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens religiously on the weekends, and these shows obviously influenced my fashion choices. So when I wasn’t buying a new lamp for my bedroom, or figuring out a way to tack curtains to my ceiling in a way that looked like a fancy, Bollywood harem, I was styling my hair in twists and messy versions of tightly contrived formal up-dos (thanks, Lizzie!).

I will forever miss butterfly clips…

1. First, you’ll need a kick-ass teasing comb. My aunt Jacqueline introduced me to the 3-row (yes that’s the technical name…? HA) teasing comb years ago and I’ve never gone back. They are THE BEST. Start by teasing the hair from the ends, pushing backwards toward the crown. This style works best with dirty to VERY dirty hair!

LIZZIEHAIR22. Repeat this step around your entire head and at the crown of your scalp until your hair starts to grow….

and grow…..Until it’s a big POOF! You want it to look like spun sugar or cotton candy.LIZZIEHAIR5

3. Armed with Bobbi pins, begin to gather the hair at the base of your scalp and pile it on top of your head, twisting it in sections. It will start to look like you’re trying to make several small French-twists. The fluffy, cotton candy part should be at the top of your head. Bobbi pin up the sides of the gathered, twisted hair to secure.LIZZIEHAIR7 LIZZIEHAIR8 LIZZIEHAIR9 LIZZIEHAIR10

4. As the style starts to take shape, pin the top and sides for security. I like mine to look really messy at the crown with some romantic fringe at the sides.LIZZIEHAIR11 5. Pin back your bangs for a more authentic late 90s, early 2000s look, then give it a good spritz with your favorite finishing spray!LIZZIEHAIR12 *MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Apply black lipstick. Or blue. Duh.

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Posted on: February 6, 2015, by : Noel

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